Wilderness System Heavy Duty Cart 12

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Wilderness System Heavy Duty Cart 12"

En riktig favorit bland alla kajakfiskare. Med sitt mÄngsidiga sÀtt att justera, gör det möjligt att den till passar mÀngder av Kajakmodeller. 


  • Engineered to transport the heaviest kayaks – up to 450 pounds
  • Large 12” diameter airless wheels never go flat and roll over rough terrain smoothly
  • Bunker bar frame
    • adjustable width prevents the kayak from twisting and slipping sideways
    • two height options – high for odd shaped hulls that would usually rub on cart wheels, low for a lower center of gravity to prevent tip overs. 
    • no scupper posts prevent damage to the scupper holes of the kayak
    • constructed of marine-grade, high-strength, heat-treated aluminum alloy for superior strength
  • Two included security straps prevent the kayak from slipping
  • Easy to load and unload the kayak – no kickstands or scupper posts required
  • Collapsible and storable within large kayak hatches