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YAK-POWER Serious Complete System

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YAK-POWER Serious Complete System 

Detta är det ultimata kittet för dig som vill få total kontroll över ditt elsystem i din kajak eller båt! Med en grymt smidig och smart display kontrollerar du enkelt din belysning, ditt ekolod eller dina usb-uttag. Plug and play och enkla installationer gör detta till ett av de viktigaste delarna i ditt fiske, att ha kontroll och fungerade elektronik kan vara avgörande för en lyckad dag på vattnet. Vi på Kayakstore kör med detta och är otroligt imponerade över smidigheten och funktionerna. 

Såhär beskriver Yak-Power sin produkt:

For anglers that are serious about rigging their kayak for electronics, this is the perfect complete plug-and-play wiring solution for adding and controlling 12-volt electronics on your kayak. 

It has our patent-pending Power Panel electronic control system with three Power Ports (bow, mid-ship, stern), a battery terminal pigtail and three Power Plug accessory connectors. You don’t need anything else other than a battery to power up your kayak, and connecting it all together is quick and easy with our plug-and-play connectors. We’ve even included two extra accessory outlets on the Power Panel switcher for LED lights or any other accessories you want to add. 

Note: Make sure the plug-and-play connectors are completely pushed together when connecting the system together. Yak-Power uses our own custom tooled, high tolerance, very snug fitting connectors with larger gauge, real copper wire to ensure a quality, weatherproof and reliable connection. 

All our plug-and-play accessories are specifically designed to work together while maintaining the correct battery polarity throughout the entire Yak-Power system. Using other aftermarket connectors or splicing other connectors into the YP system may cause damage to the system or the accessories connected to the system and may void your warranty. 

Caution: Make sure to pay attention to the actual wire colors of all our accessory cables to ensure that the red (+) wire is always connecting to the red (+) wire on the connector into which it is being plugged.


  • Complete plug-and-play wiring solution for adding and controlling 12-volt electronics on your kayak 
  • Patent-pending Power Panel electronic control system 
  • Includes: (1) YP-RP5R Power Panel Switching System, (1) YP-PMC48S Power Port with 4ft. wire – Mid-ship, (2) YP-PMC96S Power Port with 8ft. wire – Bow, Stern, (1) YP-BTP12 Battery Pigtail – 12”, (3) YP-SAE4 Power Plug accessory connectors
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