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Kokatat torrdrÀkt

It's getting cold..

Dry suit? Yes thank you!

Now the water temperature is starting to drop properly even in the southern parts of Sweden.

There are a few of us who still persistently want to go out fishing and take advantage of the last opportunities before there is ice on the water. Now that it's so cold in the water, you have to respect how fast it goes before you get chilled and may have difficulty getting back into the kayak.

We at Kayakstore therefore recommend everyone who wants to continue going out with their kayak when the water temperature drops in the fall and has not yet risen in the spring to use a dry suit and a proper life jacket.

We have been looking at different types of drysuits for a long time and feel that we have found the best we can offer, Kokatat.

Kokatat is an American company from the west coast that has a long history of producing dry suits for kayak enthusiasts of the highest quality. They have now also made a series directly aimed at kayak anglers with neoprene around the neck to increase mobility and not limit fishing.

They have really nice shoes that match the drysuit and allow you to paddle and pedal with great feeling. The suits are reinforced to withstand hooks and other sharp objects.

Their life jackets are designed to fit as well as possible and at the same time have pockets and space for what you need as close as possible.

If you are in the process of choosing and qualifying to invest in a dry suit or new life jacket, you must not miss Kokatat's products!

We at Kayakstore will bring their entire collection to the fair to try in the pool or on land.

Welcome to get in touch if you have any questions!

Cooked dry suit

Cocked life jacket

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