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SpÀnna kajaken pÄ taket? Varför det?

Strap the kayak on the roof? Why?

Do you want to tan?
Now you are going to get tanned

Was out lazing on the water Sunday morning, but damn it was cold, so paddled for exercise instead and didn't do any fly fishing. 
Came home, and left the kayak on the roof of the car.

The nasty Monday began. Life as a hole taker is not always fun, but yesterday it really sucked. 
The drill stand messed up, the water hoses had frozen, pitch black in the room I was drilling and everything just sucked donkey snot.

came home, and passed out on the sofa immediately.

woke up at 7, and realized I hadn't had breakfast since. 
Cook? Not a chance. Coop has frozen pizzas, so I reluctantly put on pants and started buzzing off the kayak.

The straps off, and I'm off. WITH THE KAYAK HELL REMAINING ON THE ROOF!!!!

after 10 meters, I realize what an unrepentant muppet I am, and panic brake. My New Kayak flies over the hood like a JACKED JAS GRIPEN, and crash lands in the driveway.

The following words I uttered I choose not to share.

Pushed the kayak into the bushes, and drove on to the coop. 
The frozen pizza tasted of regret and anxiety.

Today I inspected the damage, and think it's a Yankee at the Jackson factory in Tennessee who should get a raise.

My car took a hell of a beating than the kayak!

(No, I didn't have a brain bleed or stroke. Just catastrophic blood sugar)

- Henric Appelgren

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