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How do I buy a kayak?

There are several ways, read below to see how we generally post a purchase.

Start by contacting us, either by phone (013-13 28 08) or by email (

We then discuss what is best for your conditions, deliveries, accessories and if there are any questions that have arisen regarding the products we offer.

After that, we put together a quote for you to look at and then we arrange how the kayak and any accessories are to be paid for.

If it is relevant to have accessories such as electronics, motors and other things installed, of course we will arrange that. Just let us know what you want us to fix and we'll discuss it and include it in the process.

We encourage all our customers to try out a kayak if it is the first time you are buying a kayak or want to try different models. We try to have a wide range of demos available throughout the year but it varies depending on the season. We also have a wide network of ambassadors spread across the country, so a possible demo or test may be just around the corner.

We also offer fishing guides, experiences, events for companies or a regular briefing/demo, all tailored to your needs.

Kayakstore has solutions for most things and wants you as customers to feel comfortable and at ease before your kayak purchase, so an open dialogue where we try to understand your needs and your use of the kayak is our highest priority.

Kayakstore Sweden works together with Wasa Kredit to be able to offer you as customers favorable financing solutions. Are you interested in splitting your purchase? Pay after 3 months or set up another type of installment? Contact us and we will guide you to find the best solution that suits you.