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This guide is to show how easy the new T-Lock steering upgrade is on Native Watercraft Kayaks. In this installation, we will be replacing the standard steering handle with one of ours aluminum handle upgrades. We will also be using the existing steering cable, but after using this we recommend swapping it out to the spectra cord provided.

The first step is to remove the old rudder disc and remove the steering cables. You need to remove the center screw and also the two screws attached to the existing disc above the rudder. You will then be able to lift the disc straight up and have the rudder sitting as shown. The gasket should hold the rudder up, but if it is missing, the rudder can drop out of the base.

Remove the handle by unscrewing the 4 screws on the outside of the base. This is once the handle is up you can pull the cords out a bit, remove the center screw through the handle wheel to remove the handle. Be careful not to pull the cords too far through as you need to be able to grab them at the rear of the kayak by the rudder.

You need to undo the knots on the cord and find the center of the cord.

Then cut them in the center of the length and pull the cord through the wheel to remove the old wheel.

One cord needs to be looped through the new wheel and over and the other is to be pulled straight through the top and a knot tied in the end. You can copy the spectra if you want to use the existing cord. This is done so the two cords can run one above and one below each other which stops the two binding up and allows it to have more steering angle.

The handle drum can now be reattached by installing the screw onto the bottom of the handle. This can now be put back on by installing the 4 screws in the base of the handle. Make sure while you put this back on that you keep the tension on the cords by pulling from the rear of the kayaks to ensure they don't come loose and fall off the wheel.

Slayer 10 Max Aluminum Handle

The rear steering wheel can now be installed by putting the 4 tapered bushes into the recess and holding them in place by using the m5 screws on the top and giving them half a turn. This can then be placed down on top of the rudder shaft.

The steering cords need to be routed through the groove and up in the rear of the disc.

The rudder screw needs to be installed first. This is the large center screw that gets done up so the rudder is firm but can still turn freely when grabbing the rudder from underneath and then rotating it. The 4 m5 screws that go into the tapered bushes now need to be done up diagonally. These are to lock the steering disc to the rudder and only need to be done up firmly but not too tight.

Put the steering handle and rudder facing forwards and then wrap the steering cord around the two screws at the back. Pull the steering cords tightly and then lock it in place with the two screws on each side.

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