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VÀlj rÀtt paddel till ditt Kajakfiske!

Choose the right paddle for your Kayak fishing!

Guide to Paddles for your Kayak Fishing

The length of a kayak fishing paddle is a little different than sizing a paddle for a kayak or canoe. For kayak fishing, there are three things to consider: Your length, Your kayak's width and Your kayak's seat height. Take a look at the chart below:

Paddler's length Paddler's length

Kayak width: >183cm 185.5cm<

Under 71cm 230cm 240cm

71-80.5cm 240cm 250cm

81-90.5cm 250cm 260cm

91-100.5cm 260cm 270cm

101.6 & over 270cm 280cm

Note. If you fish a lot in the high seat position, consider adding 10cm to the length.

Kayak Fishing Paddle - Size Guide

Kayaks designed for fishing are wide and stable, so you don't need a longer paddle to avoid hitting your knuckles on the side or having to lean over with every paddle stroke.

Many fishing kayaks also have a seat with adjustable height. So if you plan to do most of your fishing with your seat in a high position, your paddle needs to be even longer.

You can see from the chart above how to measure your paddle length based on these three factors. If you are 173cm and your kayak is 81cm wide, you want a paddle that is 250cm long.

If your seat height is adjustable, consider a paddle with adjustable length between 250-260cm. Or if you know you only paddle in the high seat position, you should have a 260cm paddle.

Angler Pro Paddle Bending Branches

Fixed length or adjustable length?

If your kayak has a fixed seat - meaning it cannot be adjusted in height - a fixed length kayak paddle will suit you well. If your kayak has a height-adjustable seat, consider purchasing a paddle that has an adjustable length feature. That way, the same paddle will meet your needs, whether the seat is low or high. All of Bending Branches' kayak fishing paddles are available in both a fixed snap sleeve (fixed length) and Plus Telescoping sleeve (adjustable length), with the exception of their two most affordable paddles, the Angler Scout and Angler Rise which only come in fixed length.

High-Angle Blades

If you come from the recreational and touring kayak world, you may be familiar with high and low angle kayaking. High angle paddles are for aggressive and fast kayakers, or those carrying heavy gear. The leaves are wider and shorter. Low angle paddles are for a more relaxed cadence for many hours on the water. The leaves are longer and narrower.

All Bending Branches kayak fishing paddle blades are high-angled – they're durable and wide, designed to shoot a lot of water. This means that you can easily paddle your kayak.

Bending Branches Angler Navigator Paddle

Browse the Bending Branches collection to find your next paddle.

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