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Transportera din kajak optimalt! Woodland Fishing Del 2

Transport your kayak optimally! Woodland Fishing Part 2

Box for the trailer!

Even southern Sweden has experienced cold weather and ice. When the fishing abstinence is at its worst, it always feels better to build something that facilitates one's fishing.
Manuel Dahlberg gave me the idea to put a box on the trailer for storing bait boxes, nets, anchors, mirage drive, etc. The biggest advantage for me, who has the kayak on a trailer and my own garage for the kayak trailer, is that I don't have to load the stuff in and out of the car aka more fishing time. When I get home from fishing, I just roll the trailer in and don't have to empty the car of all peripherals with the exception of my rods.
My first thought was to build it from scratch in molded ply but when I came across an aluminum box for half the price from Christmas for the same price as just the molded ply would have cost, I chose that option instead.

I lined the inside of the box with patio carpet, partly to get less rattle from the box but also to get less sliding on the things inside the box. Balcony mat does not trap any water if you glue it correctly and drill a couple of small holes for water drainage right through the box. The box was attached with u-bolts to the trailer axle. I bought my bolts from tk trailer and they sell u-bolts that fit most trailers. The U-bolts were attached with two rules to distribute the pressure evenly between the axle of the trailer and the box.
The Mirage drive has received a holder! The holder is made of molded plywood and has a rubber-coated forward-sloping bracket so that the fins do not hit the floor of the box during transport. The pedals rest against thick foam rubber.
With the exception of the drying time for the carpet glue, it didn't take many hours to finish.
I am delighted! Shit fishing!
Mike Ekstrand
Woodland Fishing
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