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Bygg Din Egna Kajak-Trailer - Woodland Fishing Del 1

Build Your Own Kayak Trailer - Woodland Fishing Part 1

Our Ambassador Mikael Ekstrand talks about his latest project.

I have always transported my kayaks on a trailer. It has several advantages. You can see your kayak in the rear view mirror so it is anchored well, you can adjust the trailer for several kayaks for you and your friends and you don't have to take off all the equipment on the kayak when you are done on the lake and going back home. Once home, the trailer is rolled into my garage in seconds and is ready to go again at any time on the next fishing trip.

As a parent of small children, you count the minutes and seconds spent on the transport to and from the lake. I never remove e.g. a chair or echo sounder and once I arrive at the lake I just need to load my H-crate, net, rod and then I'm ready to fish.
The stand in the pictures are made according to my measurements according to the axle of the trailer and then the desired width. The drawing was then given to a metal workshop who could professionally weld together a robust and demountable scaffolding. The cost of the work and the material came to almost two thousand, but is worth every penny in relation to the time saved to and from the fishing pass. Then the kayak also sits extremely well on the stand, regardless of whether it is a pro angler 14 or my outback.
The Outback rests delicately on two 3-meter PVC pipes that are adapted to the shape of the hull.
The scaffolding has been completed with a covering outdoor mat and red reflective tape so that fellow road users can see the trailer properly. As you can see, there is plenty of room left for my 2019 Outback ;)
I asked the Transport Board whether it could be a problem during the inspection, but after a phone call I was given the green light as long as the scaffolding did not stick out too much in width.
Shit fishing!
Text & Image: Mikael Ekstrand
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