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Varför Litium?

Why Lithium?

I have had the opportunity to drive hard with Rebelcell's lithium-ion batteries for my fishing for almost a year now. Will I ever go back to lead? Never! In this article I will go over the advantages of lithium and why it is worth the investment to get a better battery source.

In today's kayaks and boats, marine electronics are a constant feature. The echo sounder has become better, cheaper and easier to handle. In short, the sonar helps us catch more fish! Therefore, these machines are very important to us when we are out fishing and even more important is that these machines have enough cream to cope with a whole day on the lake. There is nothing more annoying than when you notice that the sonar slowly starts to blink or the display loses power? That the voltage on the batteries drops lower and lower and you can no longer get the information you need from your sonar...

Now that's over! In recent years, Lithium-Ion batteries have made a strong entry into our lives as anglers with more suitable products that suit us better in terms of performance but also in terms of price.

The advantages of Lithium-Ion compared to traditional lead batteries are mainly the weight, service life and charging time. A Lithium battery weighs on average about 70% less than a corresponding lead battery with the same capacity. A typical lead acid battery has approximately 500 cycles during its lifetime if you never discharge it more than 50% and maintain it throughout this time. A Lithium battery can have up to 5000 cycles during its lifetime, which is up to 10 times more.

What is recurring with lead batteries is the heavy weight but also its relatively poor ability to maintain the voltage when you have used the battery for a while. A lead battery will be damaged if you use more than 50% of its capacity (AGM batteries can generally withstand a little more) while a lithium battery can be completely discharged!

The Rebelcell batteries that I tested have a built-in BMS (Battery Management System) that takes care of the battery's cells and makes sure to switch off the battery around 0-2% of its capacity. This means that if you have, for example, a Rebelcell 12V18 (18ah), you get a little over 17ah in operation on this battery, which corresponds to a lead battery of 36ah (because you should not use more than 50%). Rebelcell's 12V18 weighs under 1 kilo while a corresponding lead battery from a regular manufacturer weighs between 10-11 kilos... A huge weight difference that matters a lot if you are a kayak fisherman who doesn't want to lug around unnecessary weight.. Another big advantage of these batteries is also the upload time. Lithium-ion charges quickly and you have fully charged a Rebelcell 12V18 in 4-6h.

Which battery should you have for your sonar?

Personally, I drive with Lowrance echo sounders so I thought I would give examples of which batteries I would use for these.

Lowrance Elite 5 Ti (Touchscreen), it draws 0.9A at full screen power. It is therefore 9ah if you are out fishing for 10 hours. For this battery, if you don't need more than 10 hours of operating time, Rebelcell's 12V11 works perfectly.

Lowrance Elite 7 ti (Touch screen), it draws as much as the Elite 5 ti. However, if you could imagine being outside for two days of 8 hours, it would have drawn 14.4ah, which then opens up for Rebelcell's 12V18 which would be absolutely perfect.

Advantages of Rebelcell's Lithium batteries:

  • More than 70% lighter than the equivalent lead battery
  • Up to 10x longer life than lead
  • Extremely fast charging
  • Long-term investment
  • Integrated USB (on 12V25 and up) Available as accessory for 12V11/12V18
  • Will catch more fish*

Keep in mind that Rebelcell's lithium batteries are rated for IP54, which means you don't want them submerged in water. Mount the battery in, for example, the Hobies FF battery Holder or in a waterproof box or similar for best use!

Don't wait any longer to get yourself a reliable battery source that will help you fish longer, drag less weight and rely more on your equipment. A lithium battery will be a great investment in your kayak fishing. Rebelcell also has several larger batteries if you want more capacity or want to drive an electric motor or similar. Read more at

Or send an email to if you have any questions about these batteries.


*We can always hope ;)

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