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Att tÀnka pÄ vid valet av paddel...

Things to consider when choosing a paddle...

After finding the right kayak, the second most important decision for beginners is: What is the right paddle for you?

Some aspects play a decisive role in the choice of paddle:

  • The width of your kayak
  • The height of the sitting position
  • The weight of the paddle
  • Your paddling style
  • Your existing budget for a paddle

The width of your kayak

When choosing a paddle, you need to remember that fishing kayaks have become wider in recent years. If you choose a paddle that is too short, you will hit the sides of the kayak more often. If the paddle is too long, it can be difficult to keep the kayak on track. Almost all kayak anglers use a paddle length of 240-250cm. With this length, most kayak anglers will do very well. But there are exceptions: Sporty kayak anglers who spend a lot of time at sea usually prefer shorter paddles. As a regular kayak fisherman or beginner, a length of 240-250 cm is ideal. If you have a very wide kayak (from about 95cm), a 260cm paddle is better.

The height of your sitting position

The height of the sitting position must also be considered. In the lower sitting position, many kayak anglers paddle with a 240cm paddle. In the higher sitting position, they often prefer a paddle length of 250cm. The perfect solution for this is a Telescopic paddle, such as the Bending Branches Angler Pro 240-255cm or equivalent from the Classic model.

The weight of the paddle

The weight of the paddle is as important as the length. If you've spent a whole day fishing on the water and paddling from spot to spot, you'll appreciate a lightweight paddle! We always recommend every beginner to choose a paddle that is as light as possible. The differences in weight are reflected in the price. The lightest paddles are made from the best, lightest materials and therefore cost more.

Your paddling style

As a beginner, you may not yet know what paddling style you have. You will notice this later. If you already have kayaking experience, you know best how to do. For beginners, a 240-250cm paddle is recommended in most cases.

Your existing budget for a paddle

Now the important question is: How much money do you want to spend on a paddle?

As an angler, you have spent an endless amount of money on rods, reels and lures for years and now you want to save a few kroner on the paddle? Don't save at the wrong end. The difference between a basic paddle and an advanced paddle is huge! Many people often tell us: "A paddle is a paddle." It doesn't necessarily have to be that way. But there's nothing wrong with starting with a cheaper, but high-quality paddle like the Bending Branches Scout. Perfect for the smaller budget! You can upgrade later and in most cases you will, as it becomes a natural step in your development as a kayak angler.

Do you have a pedal kayak?

Even if you have a pedal kayak, you need a good paddle. There are many situations where you need a paddle, for example in shallow water, heavy grass or when your pedaling system doesn't work... Choose a light paddle that won't be too heavy in the kayak.

In summary
Ultimately, the height of the kayak angler can have an impact on the choice of paddle length. In our opinion, it only matters if the person is very short or very tall. Read our second post on choosing the right paddle length!
Do your children also want to paddle? Many smaller children cope with a paddle length of 200-220cm very well. Longer paddles are not easy for children to handle. Bending branches has a range of paddles called Splash that are suitable for children.
Hopefully these tips have helped you a little.
Our main note: Light quality paddles are definitely worth the money. As a kayak angler you will love them!

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