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Installation BerleyProLynx/Passport Transducer Mount

Installation BerleyProLynx/Passport Transducer Mount

Here's how to install a BerleyPro Sidescan Converter Mount on your HobieÂź Passport or Lynx. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver and the mounting screws that come with your Garmin or Lowrance transducer.

First you need to thread the sensor cable through the adapter plate as shown. Then install the 4 mounting screws that came with the Garmin or Lowrance sensor into the adapter plate. The Lowrance transducer plate is pictured

Tighten these screws by hand, being careful not to overtighten them.


Mount the thick adapter plate to the base of the kayak using the existing screw. Do this by hand and make sure the screw does not bottom out on the insert when tightening. If this does, replace it with a shorter screw.

Pull sensor cable through Scupper

Pull the excess cable through the hole from above and place the sensor on top of the adapter with the cover.

Install the longer rear screw provided on the back of the sensor cover. Do this by hand, making sure it doesn't bottom out on the base of the insert. If it does, replace with a shorter screw

Insert the two 8/32 x 3/8 screws into the brass inserts as shown. Do this so it only grips the plastic so it can move if hit and not damage the cover.


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