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Bonafide P127  The P127 Series - Bonafide Kayaks

Be the first in Sweden with Bonafide P127

The Bonafide P127 has the same dimensions as the SS127 with a length of 383 cm and a width of 86 cm. It is large enough to offer good stability, but still be flexible.


Bonafide P127 has a weight of 54 kg when fully rigged with the pedal system. It weighs 45 kg without the Propel Pedal Drive.

Bonafide P127 The P127 Series - Bonafide Kayaks

The Bonafide P127 's maximum load capacity is 215kg, which is ideal for big and tall anglers, or those who want a hefty load of gear. This kayak is made to conveniently install trolling motors, sounders and other accessories that usually want to carry.

The capacity of the Bonafide P127 allows the average angler to have plenty of room for all their equipment with capacity to spare, which is also good for maintaining better performance.


There are Fat Grip retractable handles on the bow and stern. One of the exciting new features that the Bonafide P127 offers is a Power pole attached to the bow. This mount has four mounts that you can easily install Torqeedo or Power-Pole.

Bonafide P127 The P127 Series - Bonafide Kayaks

The Bonafide P127 is also equipped with the brand's famous hatch that features Doubleheader hinges. This means you can easily unlock the door and open it from the front and back, or you can remove it completely if needed. This hatch has been upgraded with thicker plastic material to improve durability, as well as a drop-in box. The box can also be removed, making it possible to store rods inside the hull. This is very convenient for transportation.

Inside the hatch you will see a small platform where you can mount your battery to prevent it from sliding around. The kayak is also supplied with two hooded rod covers on each side, as well as two Quickdraw rod holders with buckles.

Some may recognize the Propel Pedal Drive system. It is the same used for kayaks of the brand  Native . This is simply because both companies are owned by Big Adventures. The highly rated Propel Pedal Drive is a nice addition to Bonafide's fishing kayaks.

Hi Rise XL Seat

Bonafide is known for its High-Low seating system in the SS series, but the P127 is equipped with the XL Seat system. The new seat really lives up to its name as it is more than 7cm wider than the High-Low seat on the SS127. This is a big improvement for larger sized anglers, or those who simply need a little more room in their seat. Many kayaks are notorious for having narrow seats, but the Bonafide P127 is wider and more comfortable in many ways.

This kayak is for those who want a well-designed and functional kayak that is comfortable, versatile and maintains what Bonafide kayaks are known for. It is a highly adaptable kayak that allows you to use it with pedals, a paddle or a trolling motor, which is a huge advantage for serious anglers.

Bonafide P127 The P127 Series - Bonafide Kayaks

Length: 384cm
Hull weight 31kg
Width: 86cm
Weight: 42kg
Capacity: 215kg



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