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Höstens kalla vatten 🍂

Autumn's cold water 🍂

Brown, yellow and red leaves. Foggy and cold mornings with temperatures that bite right into the marrow.

But what does it do when the blood is pumping when you get to catch angry and fat pike.

But what is needed?

Autumn is coming and during these cold months the water cools down and you need to have the right things in case of an accident.

Life jacket

First of all, you should always have a life jacket that is for kayaks. Getting out of the water can be difficult if using an inflatable life jacket.

NRS Raku

That's why I recommend life jackets from NRS.

Life jackets that are made to be able to sit for hours in the kayak with a comfortable fit and smart pockets.

The dry suit, will it save your life?

Now I assume you have a life jacket and you fall into 10°c water. What are you doing? How do you get up? Putting yourself in this scenario can be good.

  • How do I turn the kayak back?
  • How do I get up?

Instead of thinking about this when you are in the cold water.

To assure you that you will pass this gallantly. So the dry suit is both your life insurance and the perfect piece of clothing.

  • You won't get wet! (not even above the water surface)
  • Layer upon layer options. You can have the right clothing for the day so you don't get sweaty or cold.

The list can be long why the dry suit is so important. But if you are a kayak fisherman and are looking for the water temperature to be below 14°, you should definitely invest in one. Because you want to be out on the water during the beautiful autumn days.

I personally use and recommend the Kokatat SuperNova Angler (Hydrus 3.0) Alt

Supernova angler



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