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Northrack is a universal cargo holder and roof rack developed in Sweden. A flexible portable system that fits most car models on the market and best of all on vehicles with 4 doors. We call it an emergency rack you use when the car's space simply isn't enough. So nothing for you who want to drive around with a roof rack on your car every day.

Northrack requires neither tools nor rails and is very easy to attach. Northrack has undergone and passed crash tests¬†(City crash test, SIS ‚Äď ISO/PAS 11154:2007, section 5.3.4.) on¬†RISE - Research Institute of Sweden .

Northrack is put in place in less than 2 minutes by simply fastening it via the car's roof. You avoid all the assembly and hassle that a normal roof rack can entail and you always have it with you in the car, for both planned and unforeseen situations. Thanks to its design, Northrack fits most car models, which is a big advantage if you have several cars, buy a new car or use the roof rack for the rental car.


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