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Summer rental

Do you want the opportunity to go out on a paddle trip over the weekend or why not have a kayak in the summer cottage during the warm days of the holiday?
We have a few kayaks and canoes available for rent.

When renting a kayak, 1 paddle is included.
The kayaks are single-person kayaks.
When renting a canoe, two paddles are included.
The canoes are 2 seater.

The kayaks & canoes are picked up and left with us at Kayakstore Låsbomsgatan 3 in Linköping. Other things can be agreed against a price, for example, delivery and collection costs. It is also possible to rent life jackets and possibly spray skirts for the kayaks.

Rental period/price:
Weekend (Friday 09.00 Monday 09.00) SEK 1395
Half a week (Monday 09.00 Friday 09.00) SEK 1195
Week (Monday 09.00 Monday 09.00) SEK 2395
Month (30/31 days) SEK 3995
Summer rent according to increase 8-10 years SEK 6995-7995

Contact us for more info.
When renting, the usual rental agreement is signed and a copy of the ID is taken.

Rent a kayak in Linköping


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