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Buying and Shipping Outside Sweden

Payment and Delivery Options Outside Sweden

We have frequent customers from Denmark, Finland, Norway¬†duck¬†other European Countries. We have experience in shipping and preparing orders for kayaks all over Europe. Shipping in Scandinavia usually ends up in the range of 200-300‚ā¨ + VAT. For accessories and electronics orders the shipment rates are¬†around 15-30 Euros. We can ship all over Europe, just let us know where you want your order and we can help you set up the order manually!

Most stuff online, if you are from Scandinavia, is available to order directly in the online store.

We ship with UPS, Bring, FedEx and DHL & Schenker.

We can arrange invoices and payments with several payment providers, but usually we use PayPal.

If you order products that are longer than normal, for example a Power-Pole spike or a long paddle etc. We might have to make a custom freight quote. This will then be invoiced before it is shipped.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in buying a kayak or accessories.

Phone: +46 (0)13 132808