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Try a kayak before you buy

Are you faced with the choice of perhaps purchasing a new kayak? Or is it time to test a new model?

We organize demos, guided tours and other events so that you feel comfortable in your purchase of a kayak.

A demo usually looks like this, where we agree on a day and time that suits both parties. We will then meet at a nearby lake or waterway around Linköping, where we at Kayakstore have the desired model for demo. We at Kayakstore are responsible for life vests and kayaks and usually the demo lasts a total of 30-40 minutes. 10-15 minutes review of the kayak and equipment as well as 10-15 minutes of paddling on the water and then 10-15 minutes to collect and discuss any questions that may have arisen.

After this, you can choose to go to Kayakstore's Showroom if you want to see additional models and accessories to get a better idea of ‚Äč‚Äčdifferent models and variants. A demo costs nothing but needs to be booked in advance.

If you want to go out on a guided tour to get a solid understanding of what kayak fishing is or how a kayak behaves, a guided tour is an excellent choice. We usually drive 5-6 hours out on the water and in total a day usually ends up in 7-8 hours with preparations and gathering the kayak and equipment. We have good knowledge of the local lakes around Linköping but can also, by agreement, try something new or your local water if they are interesting. We can take up to 4-5 people on a guided tour if you want to get together as a group and go out for a day or two. Prices for guiding are on request, so call us about this and we will find the best possible solution for you.

If you book a fishing guide and it leads to you buying a kayak, you get back part of the money for the guide. A perfect way to fish with a pro and find the perfect kayak for you!