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Rebel cell 12.6V13A Range Extender

Original price 3 699 kr - Original price 3 699 kr
Original price 3 699 kr
3 699 kr
3 699 kr - 3 699 kr
Current price 3 699 kr

12.6V13A Range Extender

The Range Extender (model 12.6V13A) allows you to extend your fishing day by charging your Rebelcell 12V AV battery "on the go" via the generator on your (outboard) motor.

The Range Extender continuously monitors the starter battery voltage to prevent accidental discharge, limits the AC current when necessary and provides the correct charge profile (voltage, current) to safely charge your 12V AV battery. Thanks to the built-in charging indicator, you can easily see if your battery is charging.

continuously monitors the starter battery voltage and only allows charging of the 12V AV battery if the starter battery voltage is above 13.2V. This ensures that the starter battery is not accidentally discharged.


(outboard) engines with 12V generator with at least 15A charging current. Compatible with all famous brands (eg Honda, Mercury, Yamaha, Suzuki etc.).

Includes: A Rebelcell DC charger 12.6V13A (165W), cable set with integrated fuses and connectors.


  • Optimal charging profile: RE converts the generator's charging current into the appropriate charging profile for your Rebelcell battery for safe charging.
  • Discharge protection: The microprocessor-controlled battery separator ensures that charging of the Rebelcell battery only takes place after the starter battery is full.
  • Overcharge protection: Automatically limits the charging current when the battery is almost full and shuts off if the battery is full.
  • Temperature protection: The "dynamic thermal output control" function limits (or stops if necessary) the charging current if the temperature is too high.
  • Short circuit protection: Automatic shutdown with short circuit.
  • Charging indicator: If the LED on the Range Extender is 'ON', your battery is charging.
  • 2 year warranty

Note! Additional cables to connect the starter battery to the RE are not included. Cable length, thickness and connectors must be adapted to your specific situation. Contact us for advice on the right cables.