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Rebelcell 12V DC Stabilizer 9A

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12V DC Stabilizer 9A

12V DC Stabilizer 9A converts the voltage of all Rebelcell 12V batteries into a stable 12V output voltage. This allows you to use your Rebelcell battery with (electronic) equipment that requires a stable 12V output. With the help of the 12V DC Stabilizer 9A, you can increase the running time and ensure trouble-free operation of your equipment.

 Use: Sonar, LED lighting, camera equipment, GPS navigation equipment

 Waterproof: Filled with epoxy resin, IP65 waterproof, can be used outdoors in wet environments such as in a fishing boat or kayak.

 Built-in protection: Automatically shuts off in case of short circuit, high temperature, high voltage and discharge. With integrated 10A fuse in + output cable to protect your equipment.

 Includes: 12V DC Stabilizer 9A, 2x connection cables (M8/Faston with XT60), 1x ANEN PA-45.

WARRANTY: 1 year
CE certified

Important information before completing your order

  1. Use only Rebelcell 12V batteries with an operating voltage between 9.0V and 18.0V. Use with unsuitable batteries may damage the converter. Never use if the voltage of your battery is below 9.0V. Undervoltage causes the converter to heat up quickly and lead to irreversible damage to your converter.
  2. Observe the polarity when connecting to your battery (+ cable to + on the battery and - cable to the battery's -). Reverse polarity can damage your converter and your equipment.
  3. Connect only to 12V equipment with a current consumption of less than 9A. Connecting equipment that draws more power will damage the converter.
  4. Never install or place the 12V DC stabilizer on the battery. The 12V DC stabilizer can get very hot and damage your battery. Attach the 12V DC stabilizer to a metal plate (aluminum) with screws for safe use and additional heat dissipation.

Dimensions: 74 x 74 x 32 mm
Weight: 300g