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Rebelcell 12V140 AV li-ion Battery

Original price 14 899 kr - Original price 19 899 kr
Original price 14 899 kr
14 899 kr
14 899 kr - 19 799 kr
Current price 14 899 kr
Variant: Battery

12V140 AV li-ion Battery

This is an absolutely fantastic battery for those of you who want to be able to fish non-stop without worrying for a second that your battery will run out. With a whopping 140 Ah, this battery corresponds to a lead battery bank of a whopping 280Ah! You can thus save up to 80 kilos if you had corresponding lead batteries before. This battery is also in Rebelcell's new AV series. Which means that the voltage is not higher than with a normal lead battery.

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  • Compact and light: The weight of the battery is only 12.5 kilos.
  • Highest performance: constant power even when the battery is close to empty, you can discharge it up to 100% without any negative consequences on either performance or lifespan.
  • User-friendly: The battery is light and compact. It has an LED display and the battery can be used with standard AC-DC converters.
  • Easy to charge: Fully charges within 4-5 hours. Can also be charged with solar cells, (a special control is needed just in case)
  • High reliability and long service life: built-in BMS that counteracts deep discharge, voltage peaks and high temperatures, etc. With BMS and proper use, the battery can maintain the same performance for 10 years.
  • 2 year warranty

Important information before completing your order

  1. Only charged with recommended li-ion battery charger with CC/CV charging profile and 12.6V max 70A voltage.
  2. Always use a suitable fuse between the battery and the trolling motor to protect both. Use battery cables of sufficient thickness with M8 tongue connectors (or ANEN connectors) to connect your trolling motor for a safe and reliable connection. Never use alligator clips to connect to the battery. These connections are not secure and can result in heat generation and damage to your trolling motor and battery. Damage caused by unsuitable connectors or cables is expressly excluded from our warranty conditions.
  3. This battery is not suitable for use in a caravan. The high currents can cause irreversible damage to your battery.
  4. Batteries can be connected in parallel for increased capacity. Always ensure that the batteries are of the same type, age and state of charge before connecting and use cables of sufficient thickness.
  5. Rebelcell's batteries are waterproof according to the IP54 standard. They cannot be completely submerged in water or handle heavy rains. Water damage is not covered by our warranty conditions.
Technical specifications 12V140 OFF
Chemistry Lithium ion
Voltage 12.6V
Capacity (C1-C20) 140Ah
EqPb (lead acid equivalent) up to 260Ah
Nominal energy 1.67 kWh
Maximum continuous discharge 100A
Peak discharge (10 sec) 120A
Cycle life (#charges) (@80%DoD) ~1500
Cycle life (#charges) (@100%DoD) ~1000
Dimensions 262x175x220 mm
Weight ~ 12.5 kg
Energy density ~ 104 Wh/kg
Electronics & BMS
Bandwidth voltage 9.0V ~ 12.6V
Charge temperature 0 ~ 45 °C
Discharge temperature -20 ~ 60 °C
Storage temperature -20 ~ 45 °C
Charging profile CC/CV
Maximum charge current 70A
Integrated cell balancing yes
Temperature protection yes
Maximum discharge current protection yes
High voltage protection yes
Low voltage protection yes
Protection & Certification
Standards (IEC 529) IP54
CE certificate yes
Warranty 2 years