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Rebelcell ANEN 120A Connector

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ANEN 120A Connector

Rebelcells Truck contact for 120A Quick Connect. Connector for safe and reliable connection between battery/Outdoor box and electric motor or charger. Fits cabling up to 16mm2.

1 x ANEN SA120 (120A, max 600V) connector, suitable for wires up to 16mm2 (e.g. electric motor, charger.)
Always match colors (eg gray to grey, yellow to yellow) when connecting ANEN connectors, as connectors cannot be color mixed.
Two connections are always required for one connection. The contact is "unisex" (so no male/female contacts are needed).

Installation and use

  1. The tongue connectors are fixed to the battery terminals of your Rebelcell li-ion battery, while the additional gray connectors can be attached to the cables of your 12V outboard motor.
  2. The connector is suitable for wires of 6-12 AWG, max 50A.
  3. The silver connectors can be crimped (using an AMP crimp tool) or soldered onto the wires in your electric motor or charger.
  4. After crimping or soldering, slide the connectors into the gray connector housing until you hear a click (make sure you note the + and - wires). The contacts are then secured and cannot be removed.
  5. You can now connect the gray ANEN connector to the other gray ANEN connector for a secure and reliable connection.


  1. We recommend that you read the owner's manual for your outboard motor and place an appropriate fuse in the outboard cable for safe use.
  2. Consult your dealer for additional installation instructions.