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Rebelcell Outdoorbox 12V35 AV

Original price 6 799 kr - Original price 8 198 kr
Original price 6 799 kr
8 198 kr
6 799 kr - 8 198 kr
Current price 8 198 kr
PACKAGE: ODB35 + 10AMP Charger

Outdoor box 12V35 OFF

Rebelcell has updated its Outdoorbox range and developed this 35 amp solution. The box is incredibly compact and weighs only 3.7 kg. The box is designed to withstand all types of conditions that may arise when used in a boat or outdoors (IP65). This Outdoorbox has the same capacity as a 70Ah lead battery but weighs almost 30 kg less. With an outlet on the outside, you can easily connect your electric motor or other electronics and if you need to charge your phone or camera, then you do it in the USB connector on the bag.

With the smart display on the battery, you can easily read the voltage and how many percent you have left in the battery. Perfect for knowing how long you can stay on the lake.

Always buy Rebelcell's charger for these batteries. They are designed for optimal life and perfect charging, every time. They are equipped with a quick connector that means you can connect the charger in a few seconds and do not have to mess with any connections.

Buy yourself a Rebelcell battery today and #jointherebels who have already switched to the market's best battery source.


  • Driving time: Indicative driving time with normal use (low to medium speed) is 2-4 hours with continuous use of a 30kg trolling motor. Actual run time depends on boat load, weather conditions and how you use the trolling motor. At a lower speed, it can more than double the driving time.
  • Top performance: Continuous high traction even when the battery is almost empty. Can be completely discharged with no negative effects on performance or lifespan.
  • User friendly: Waterproof (IP65), light and compact, 1 click connection of trolling motor and charger, separate USB charger. Can be used with standard AC-DC converters.
  • Flexible charging: Fast charging (4-5 hours for full charge with 10A charger). Can be charged with a solar panel (special charge controller required).
  • Compact and light: ODB 12.35 AV weighs only 3.7kg.
  • Reliable with long life: Built-in protection against damage (against deep discharge, overvoltage, high temperatures, etc.) by BMS and automatic fuses with a life of up to 10 seasons.
  • Included: Outdoorbox 12.35 AV, extra blue ANEN connector, USB charger, user manual
  • 2 year warranty

Important information before completing your order

  1. Charges only with a Li-ion battery charger with CC/CV charging profile (12.6V max 20A) with blue ANEN connector. Other connectors (eg the gray one) are not compatible with the connector on the ODB 12.35 AV.
  2. Only use the blue ANEN connector to connect high power equipment, e.g. a trolling motor, to ODB 12.35 AV. Never connect your electric motor to the 12V socket, it is not suitable.
  3. The ODB 12.35 AV is waterproof to the IP65 standard and is suitable for use in rainy conditions. Make sure that the ODB 12.35 AV is completely closed and that there is no dirt between the two parts of the case. Also make sure that the 12V socket is not completely submerged in water.
Technical specifications ODB 12.35 OFF
Chemistry Lithium ion
Voltage 9.0V-12.6V (nominal 11.1V)
Capacity (C1-C20)
35 Ah
EqPb (lead acid equivalent)
Up to 12V70Ah
Nominal energy
432 Wh
Maximum continuous discharge
Cycle life (#charges) (@100%DoD)

~ 3.7 kg
Energy density
~ 104 Wh/kg
Electronics & BMS
Charge temperature 0 ~ 45 °C
Discharge temperature -20 ~ 60 °C
Storage temperature -20 ~ 45 °C
Maximum charge current 20A (CC/CV)
Integrated cell balancing yes
Temperature protection yes
Maximum discharge current protection yes
High voltage protection yes
Low voltage protection yes
State of charge indicator yes, digital (% / voltage)
ANEN connector for e-motor yes (with 50A thermal fuse)
USB charger yes, separate
12V socket yes, 1x (with 10A thermal fuse)
Protection & Certification
Standards (IEC 529) IP65
CE certificate yes
Warranty 2 years