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Att fiska frÄn Native Slayer 13 Propel

Fishing from the Native Slayer 13 Propel

My name is Johnny Thörnquist and I am part of Team Native Sweden
In August 2018 I was offered a place in Team Native Sweden and happily accepted it. This meant I also upgraded to a Slayer 13 Propel. In my opinion, the Slayer 13 is a mix of the Slayer, Manta Ray and Titan models. It has much of the stability of the Titan which means that you can stand in it if you so choose, it has the speed of the Manta and then the tracking of the Slayer simply explained. Have test paddled it without the Propel system and there were no problems. I really like the design and how they designed the storage and "cockpit" area. You can fish with the kayak directly without major modifications. Accessories from e.g. RAM and Yakattack can be mounted without any problems, Must mount a bunch of accessories and upgrades from, among others, BerleyPro before the 2019 season, if there is one thing that is slightly negative about the Slayer 13, it is the steering, the rudder and the rudder control itself. It absolutely works and you can get by without a doubt, but as I said, there are great products that further improve your experience of the kayak and you can become more efficient in your fishing. Then, as you know, how people think is very different. The chair is good and you can sit comfortably during long sessions, a modification I am working on in this now is a seat raiser. A slightly higher seat gives better ergonomics when pedaling = better efficiency.
My first trip with the kayak was on the Lapland Pike north of Lycksele late August 2018. The weather was not good with very strong winds all weekend. Saturday went well but Sunday we had steady winds of 16-18 m/s. Had never been on the water in a kayak with so much wind. Let's say it straight away...we wouldn't have gone out on Sunday how safety wise . Me and my Slayer had a real baptism of fire on the way back after lunch, difficult and strong winds and a passage of 780 meters with 16 m/si side from the north with difficult waves. Switched between white geese and high rolling waves. Not going to do it again, but it proved to me that the kayak has good characteristics on the water.
I highly recommend the Slayer 13 Propel if you are serious about your fishing. Of course it costs a bit, but it is a kayak in the premium class that delivers.
The kayak itself and some data:
Length: 401 cm
Width: 84 cm
Weight: 38.5 kg (positive as you can load it all by yourself on the roof of the car)
Depth: 33 cm
Capacity: 181 kg ( I am 190 cm and weigh 110 kg and there is plenty of room.)
Accessories I have or to be installed :
Paddle : Feel free
FRAME: balls, arms, sonar mount, X-grip, hoof/paddle holder
Yak Attack: Rod holder
Berley Pro: Handlebar upgrade
Sonar : Garmin Striker Plus 7sv/GT52 transducer
Homemade "milkcrate"
Etc. Johnny/Team Native Sweden.
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