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Svensk dominans vid EM!

Swedish dominance at the EC!


A few days have passed since we came home to Linköping from Amsterdam last weekend.

It was me, Felix, who went down to Vinkeveen Plassen south of Amsterdam together with my friends, Albin Falk, Marcus Thorén and Oscar KÀllbom.

We went down to take part in what is known as the EC for kayak fishing. Hobie Fishing Euros!

There were a total of 57 participants from 10 countries who had traveled to Amsterdam. Europe's kayak elite was thus gathered to settle the EC title.

It was a fantastically organized competition by Hobie Kayak Europe led by Gero Priebe. They competed for two days, Saturday and Sunday, and each day you count the length of 3 perches and 3 pikes and add it with days 1 and 2.

After day 1, I led the entire EC. With a total of 300 cm and immediately followed by my good friend Albin Falk who had 243 cm after day one. 3rd, Thomas from Poland was 217 cm.

Day two was tougher for me, I didn't get any approved pikes out of only two small pikes that weren't long enough, but I managed to catch my three perch. It went better for Albin, who caught three pikes and a perch, which meant that he passed me and took home the EC title and I secured a second place!

We are both extremely happy and proud of our effort and we have now both qualified for the prestigious Hobie Worlds (WC) competition which will take place in May 2018 in Sweden. Super cool and we are crazy excited to do well at the WC!

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