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BerleyPro Native Watercraft Slayer Max 12.5 Handle and Bush

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Native Watercraft Slayer Max 12.5 Handle and Bush

Nu har Martyn gjort det igen! Uppgraderat och riktigt snygga styrhandtag till din Native, 

BerleyPro beskriver dem såhär;

We’ve designed this handle to not only upgrade the strength and raise the steering for easy access but to also include a CNC machined bush to reduce the play and support the shaft when turning.

This bush and handle combo is machined from Billet aluminum and plastic with high precision to allow both parts to move smoothly and have no sloppy feel. We’ve stayed away from bearings or any other component that is vulnerable to the elements and come up with this plastic/aluminum combo.

Designed to fit both the BerleyPro Steering Upgrade Pulley and also the Standard Native Watercraft Pulley