Groovy Landing Gear Track Kit

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En fantastisk produkt ifrån Boonedox! Den gör sjösättning och upptagning av din kajak väldigt mycket enklare. 

Vi har ett antal av dessa hemma! En grym produkt för er som vill ha dessa smidiga hjul till er kajak!

The Landing Gear by BooneDOX is a wheel system for your kayak that permanently mounts to the top of the boat.  By doing this all holes drilled are above the waterline for safety and all stress is put on places above the waterline unlike scupper carts that have a bad history for causing cracks around the scuppers which are below the waterline and are known to be one of the weaker areas of a boat.  The landing gear utilizes stainless steel backing plates and a unique plug and play wheel design which allows you to simply pull the leg strut out, rotate it down to use the wheels and plug it back in.  Then when you are to your destination you simply tip the boat slightly to one side or let it float in the water and pull the leg back out and rotate up to the stowed position.

One of the greatest things about the landing gear is the ability to transport your kayak from your vehicle to the water over just about any terrain and when you get to the water you don’t have to unload your gear or risk it falling out to operate your wheel system.  With typical scupper carts you have to either unload all of your stuff and flip your kayak over to insert them or risk it dumping out when tipping it on its side to insert them into the scuppers.

The landing gear is mountable on just about any kayak on the market so it is very versatile.  A machined gear track on top gives the customer more options to mount gear to it for the accessory junkies.  The landing gear features tuff tire foam filled tires to alleviate flats and a sand tire upgrade is also available.