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XSONIC 50/200 HDI Transducer (12°)

6 499 kr
SKU 000-13906-001

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Introducing NEW Bronze Hybrid Dual Imaging™ (HDI) tilted element thru hull trans

Provides 50/200kHz traditional frequencies PLUS 455/800kHz Down Scan Imaging plus temperature -Available in 0°12°20°tilt angles -33 ft cable Performance Beam Width at -3dB -50kHz 45° -200kHz 11° -455kHz •Fore to aft 2.8° •Port to starboard 56° –800kHz •Fore to aft 1.6° •Port to starboard 32° Connection The transducer comes with a 10m (33 ft) cable and blue 9 Pin black connector which plugs directly into the compatible echo sounder.
The transducer must be selected in the installation menu on the device.

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