YAK-POWER Button Light Blue

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Ursprungspris 399 kr
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Detta är deras "button light" kommer i två-pack. 

Det krävs en av deras styrpaneler för att styra dessa. Väldigt enkel montering!

Why cut and splice when you can just plug-and-play? Yak Power has completely revolutionized LED lighting for kayaks with our patent-pending through hull 12-volt connectors and plug-and-play wiring. Adding LED lights to your kayak has never been easier! Simply drill a hole, screw in the self-tapping button light, plug them in and power them up. Blue LEDs are best for night vision. No wires to cut or splice, no caulking, and most importantly, no leaks.

Our LED Button Lights have Super Bright LEDs that are fully encapsulated into a 5/8” socket head housing with a 12ft. jacketed cable and waterproof connector. It’s complete with plug-and-play SAE connectors for easy integration into any Yak-Power system. 

2-Piece Super Bright LED Button Light Kit - Blue